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What we offer ?

iGreen has been licenses as an information technology company in Dubai - U.A.E., so that it means we offer all services in the world of computer systems and internet area from A to Z.

Automation & Robotics
We have our exclusive PLC with 25 input of sensors and 20 outputs with Controlled steps but we can design any types of PLC as you need for your factories or and devices in industrial area
IT Infrastructure
Design and management structure of automation with information technology
Portal services covers design web application for online sales, CRM, Business hubs, Accounting portals, appointment systems.
Computer systems software design

You can order any application for your business as accounting software, CRM application, data management, Stock and inventory and more

Marketing Services

It is our main services to help our clients get more customers and sales via web sites, and social media

Web Design

Designing web sites

Social Media Application

Create any Android and IOS application for social networking is our programming services.

Cyber Security Architecture

Security of any network and internet hubs as social chanel is important and need to maintenance


Information Technology

Consultation to have a suitable IT department for data automation is in our hands. An automation of data to give you ability control and mange all departments of your business and company in all location of branches as Dubai, Sharjah, Ali Ain, Jebel Ali port, Ras Al Khaimah with one monitor. Also we can offer you smart modules and application to control all parameters of your business second by second and active limitation to protect your business profit and loss on-time.

Move faster than anyone with your business.

There are many variations of solutions to grow your business in United Arab Emirates, but it is important to select the best solution, faster time and lower expenses. but the majority is results in faster time. by injected good budget into great management which looks even slightly believable. If you are a business owner in Dubai so you have a limited time to reach customers because of shop and license charge per year. you need to be sure your business and products are in front of eyes and this is the main aim in our services for you.


Your Website, your agent!

This is very important to be available in scene of markets any time, any where, 24 hours and all days of week!. so it is possible by a great website with high speed server with the best reliable network. 

We offer design website with excellent graphics, unique texts and daily updates to be in front of other competitors and show your business and products perfectly.

Include All Essential Industrial Automation Robotics and modules

With more that 10 years electronic experiences of industrial automation by micro chips, we can design, build and program any robotics boards for your automation needs as products line controls, read sensors and run relays, switching motors regards to conditions of items, open and close solenoid valves in high accurate and monitoring status of factory with one super PLC .


Why choose iGreen in Dubai?

We focus on quality and industry's standards to create high quality projects and finished it perfectly. The is nothing impossible for us as we have powerful team of programmers, electronic talents, cad and graphic designer to doing any projects A to Z in minimum time. Also we are a legal licensed company in Dubai - U.A.E as name: iGreen IT Infrastructure est.